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meet nicole

Nicole began sketching faces at an early age, which cultivated her advanced skills in highlighting, contouring, shading and color theory. Her background in art gave her the finesse and intuition to know how to accentuate the best features of every client.

For the last 14 years, Nicole has been unparalleled in the bridal industry as an award winning makeup artist. By 2009 Her work and reputation created a demand too big to fill on her own, so she hand-picked a team she personally trained to her caliber of excellence and precision and has run the power house Makeup and Hair company known as “Powder Inc”.

Nicole still meets with clients regularly out of her studio in Porltand OR but she has also travelled around the country the past 5years teaching other professional makeup artists Her style and skills. Most recently, she worked with and taught over 800 “every day women” in her online makeup classes and is workng to launch a new online platform for her online classes in early 2020. Her experience working on almost 10,000 faces the last 14years and over 1,000 weddings and bridal parties more than qualifies her as an expert in her field.

She has extensive experience with all skin tones, skin types, ages and facial features which makes her the ideal teacher for ALL women. Nicole truly believes that with the right instruction and the right tools, anyone can learn to master their own makeup. That is what she is striving to do. She holds nothing back in her classes, and takes time to be VERY detailed as well as offer feedbsck, sharing every piece of knowledge she has gained in her career.

She has fallen inlove with teaching women how to MASTER THEIR MAKEUP via her online courses. She has also developed multiple affordable makeup brush lines so that her students have the right tools to apply what they learn and her own line of Synthetic cruelty free strip lashes. She is always thinking ahead of what she can share with her clients next!

Nicole Lives in Portland OR with her husband and 2 teenage daughters. They are the Loves of her life… next to makeup of course😉