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Master Your Make-up

Nicole’s coveted online course.

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This makeup class is SO FUN! I have always loved makeup and loved playing with it, but really learning about it has been awesome! Nicole makes it easy for anyone! You should really consider taking her classes, you will NOT be disappointed!

-Sarah Ludtke-Heagle

I started following Nicole Wagner on social media, attracted to her beautiful spirit and gorgeous look! When I saw the opportunity to register for her Master your Makeup course I was so excited but at the same time hesitant, thinking that I would definitely be getting in “over my head”! Once we got started, this was SO not the case (or maybe it was but I NEVER felt that way lol). Nicole offers individual coaching, feedback and guidance to all skill levels. Her positive encouragement and recommendations are spot on (the true sign of the professional and talented individual she really is!) Her hands on approach and responsive classes are inspirational, and definitely kept me motivated to continue practicing and striving for better results. I presented additional challenges for Nicole such as aging “mature” skin and sensitive, fine lines and wrinkled skin. She recommended solutions and makeup products and techniques that didn’t accentuate the problem areas but made them look better! She also recommended a custom skin care regime (a whole other side of Nicole’s awesomeness- ask her!) that so far I am loving! My results from this class aren’t as glam or spectacular as some of these younger beautiful ladies, but I am extremely happy with my results so far and have enrolled for Master Your Makeup 2!!! I am working towards a more refined, age appropriate, polished and perhaps “less is more” look, but done right with Nicole’s help. I can't wait for the next class and the continuation of this journey!

-Sandi Paulson

Thank you so much for this class. I’ve followed you on social media, but this has been much more in depth (I still have over have to go through but have learned so much already!). I like how you keep it simple. You’ve done the research so it’s nice to just get the products that we know work! It’s the little things that you focus on that add you to big differences! Thanks so much!

-Natashia Klostermann

Ladies, Nicole didn’t wake up one morning with her incredibly amazing skills, she has YEARS of practice and I’m so grateful that she does! Look what she’s done for my brows! They aren’t perfect, but they’re better! This is just ONE make-up tip I’ve learned from Master Your Make-up classes.

When we focus on the flaws, we miss the beauty

-Tiffany Palmer Jones